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Information to our customers

Based on the company's future strategy, NextGenTel Holding ASA has decided to no longer offer mobile and mobile broadband subscriptions. Based on these changes, the company has approved a sale which involves the transfer of all its customers to Telia Norge AS. The change applies to all our customers with Telio mobile and mobile broadband subscriptions. Information about the transfer and new deal conditions will be sent to all of our customers by week 6. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to order subscriptions on our website as of 05 February 2018.

Unique customer advantages

Surf on the high speed 4G-network

Up to 40 Mbit/s

All of our mobile subscriptions give you instant access to our 4G network. Please note that the actual transfer speed will vary based on subscription type and other conditions.

Recruit a friend

10% discount per friend recruited

Tell your friends and family about Telio. You will get a 10% discount per recruitment. If you recruit 10 people, your monthly fee is free.

Need a mobile phone upgrade?

299,- /month for a new iPhone 6

We offer all the best selling mobile phones at really low and competitive prices. Pay as you go, or all at once. Your choice. No lock-in period.

Safe subscription for youngsters

Does not cost more than the monthly price

With our "Kontroll" subscription you will never get any suprices on your monthly bill. The youngsters will have free minutes and messages, and a healthy amount of data quota is included every month.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have a detailed invoice?

Yes, this you will have access to by logging on to "Min Side". Available three months back.

Can I have a set due date on my invoice?

Unfortunately we do not offer a set date on your invoice, but you will receive your invoice approximately at the same date every month.

What is the paper invoice fee?

This is an additional fee you get if you decide to have your invoice delivered by plain letter. If you choose electronic delivery by either AvtaleGiro, eFaktura or via E-mail, you will not have this fee.

Does my 500 minutes to 27 countries include both mobile and landline?

Yes, the minutes applies to both mobile and landline calls.

Can I add extra data to my monthly quota?

Yes, if you have a Telio Go subscription. After you have reached your monthly quota, you can extend your data quota by logging on to "Min Side", and choose "Bestill Datautvidelse" on your subscription. The data extension is valid until the end of the month in which it was activated. Please note that "Data Rollover" will not apply if a data extension is ordered.

How can I check my usage?

To check your usage send an SMS: "SALDO" to 02101. Your usage is also available by logging on to "Min Side".

Do I sign a contract for a specified period?

No, our customers can cancel their service at any time. The notice period is one calendar month calculated from the first day of the month in which the cancellation was made.

How do I transfer my Norwegian mobile number from a different operator to Telio?

After ordering a transfer, this will happen automatically followed by termination of the contract with the previous operator. The phone number is transferred to Telio within 7-10 business days.

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